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High-Pressure Water Sprayer with 8 Nozzles

High-Pressure Water Sprayer with 8 Nozzles

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When it comes to tackling tough cleaning tasks around your home, a standard garden hose may not always be sufficient. For more demanding cleaning jobs, a high-pressure water sprayer with 8 nozzles is a game-changer. This powerful and versatile tool delivers a concentrated and forceful stream of water, making it ideal for removing dirt, grime, mold, and debris from various surfaces. In this article, we'll explore the features and benefits of the high-pressure water sprayer with 8 nozzles, a tool that will revolutionize your cleaning routine.


1. The high‑pressure garden sprinkler, the handle accords with the ergonomic design, the holding is comfortable, the good grip strength.

2. The interface between the nozzle and the joint adopts a rubber , which has good sealing performance.

3. Made of high‑quality zinc alloy+ABS+TPR material, durable, acid and corrosion resistant.

4. 8 kinds of sprinkler irrigation effects, by rotation, can be used for sprinkler irrigation.

5. Using labor‑saving buckle design, free fingers, labor‑saving, efficient and easy to use.

6. Wide spray range, fine water mist, can be used for garden, agricultural irrigation, vehicle, conditioning cleaning. 


Item Type: Water Sprayer

Material: Zinc Alloy+ABS+TPR

Color: Orange + Gray + Black

Size: Approx. 21x12.5x6.5cm / 8.3x4.9x2.6in

Weight: Approx.230g/8.1oz

Application: Wate, water the flowers, car washing

Package List:

1 x Water Sprayer


Pipe Not Included

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